Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Been quite a while...

So it surely has been quite a while since we updated. When time starts moving, it sure moves quickly. Mina got a postion as an RN at Sibley, working in postpartum. It has been a little rough for her, being away from Noah, but so rewarding to help new moms and new babies during such a joyous time! Working in maternity is a true blessing.

Noah is growing like a little weed. He is almost 15 pounds already - meaning he has tripled his birth weight in just 4 months! He has started to laugh, and smiles all the time. We feel so blessed to be his mom and dad; every day with him is such a miracle and blessing!

We thought we would just update, if anyone still reads this, that we are doing okay - just taking it day by day. Some days are harder than others, but we are slowly pulling through. We have decided to start a team in the first annual Congenital Heart Walk - Team Charlie. We are asking for people to either join us or donate to our team at this link: Team Charlie. Please help us raise awareness and money to benefit two great organizations assisting folks living with CHDs.

Also, tonight, just please say a little prayer for the people who are affected by CHD. I've gotten to know so many people who are helping their child fight for their lives daily, or whose children have unfortunately lost the battle against CHD. Pray for the mommies, daddies, brothers, sisters, babies and grown ups, and little angels in heaven, all touched by the number one birth defect in the US - congenital heart defects. Thanks!


  1. The story of Charlie and Charlie's life has raised my awareness about CHDs so much. I researched HLHS upon your diagnosis, read about the different surgeries, especially the Norwood. Your son made a huge impression on me. Because of him I am considering specializing in neonatology.

    Cannot wait to meet sweet Noah. :) Think about you often!

  2. Always following... I think about you often as well. Glad to hear Noah is getting so big and healthy.

  3. it's about TIME!!! :) hehehehe just kidding! i'm so glad to hear that things are well with you guys! can't wait to see you all again, on saturday! :)