Saturday, February 13, 2010

26 week checkup

So the snow continued to shuffle all of our appointments around, and Mina got to see her regular OB on Friday instead of Thursday, and her new OB will now be next Wednesday after the fetal echo.

So Mina's 26 week checkup: Mom is doing well, aside from the usual aches and pains. Not too much weight gain, good BP, babies' hearts sounded good, belly measuring nice and huge (as it should for twins!) The preterm labor scare was brought up, and the nurse practitioner did another Fetal Fibronectin test (which was negative again), as well as cultures again just to make sure there was no infection. She checked Mina's cervix again, which was long and closed. She then put Mina on a contraction monitor, since Mina admitted to having continued contractions since discharge from Georgetown. Mina was oblivious, and even told her sister "See? I don't feel like I'm contracting at all, I'm sure it's fine!" Patricia raised her eyebrows and pointed to the monitor, and sure enough, Mina was contracting every couple of minutes again - just not feeling them.

So now, Mina is officially on leave from work, on modified bedrest, and taking Procardia to help stop the contractions. She goes in for a follow up on Monday, where she will have her growth scan and check in with the doctor. Hopefully the contractions will stop, and these babies will cook for another good 10-12 weeks!

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