Thursday, February 4, 2010

Little Misbehavers...

We are sure some of you have heard, but Mina had another little scare this week. Tuesday after work, Mina started feeling some uncomfortable contractions shortly before the snow began. She drank lots of water and took it easy for the evening, and they seemed to peter out. She was able to sleep pretty comfortably without feeling much of anything. She went ahead and went to work Wednesday morning, still feeling uncomfortable at times, but nothing that she could really time or keep track of.

Halfway through her shift, she felt a couple of pretty uncomfortable contractions and asked her doctor how often was too often to contract. Her doctor, knowing full well that Mina downplays everything, told her to get registered and mosey her way to labor and delivery, where the doctor on call and charge nurse were expecting her. Thank goodness for pushy (yet loving!) doctors, because once Mina was put on the monitor, it was shown that she was contracting every 2-3 minutes. Labs were drawn, an IV was hung and an ultrasound were done. The hope was that Mina was just dehydrated and some of the fluid would help peter out the contractions. Though she started feeling them less, after more than an hour, Mina was still contracting. Since Sibley is not a high risk hospital, and Mina was only 24 weeks and 5 days with twins, she was transferred to Georgetown Hospital.

There, more tests were run, another IV was hung and she was started on a medication called Indocin. She was kept overnight for observation, and luckily, the contractions slowed down to maybe one an hour or so. She was discharged around lunchtime today, with modified bedrest for the weekend, and if no more contractions, she is allowed to be back on her feet on Monday. Mina's cervix remained long and closed through her stay at Georgetown, and there was a test done called a Fetal Fibronectin which was negative, indicating that the risk of delivery within the next two weeks is extremely low - all great news! The ultrasound showed that both boys are doing great and very active, growing exactly on target and measuring at roughly 1 pound 10 ounces each (give or take 4 ounces).

Josh is in Annapolis starting his new job at Arinc this week, and since everything was pointing to nothing but some false labor, he stayed in Annapolis upon Mina's insistance, and Mina's sister Patricia stuck by her side while she was under observation at Georgetown, braving the extremely uncomfortable sleep chairs (what a trooper!)

Hopefully this is the last we'll have of this preterm labor scare, but contractions are definitely more common with twins. Even though Mina can be very stubborn, she will make sure to continue listening to her doctors and make sure these boys cook for as long as possible before they come out to meet the world. Thanks everyone for the prayers and well wishes!

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