Friday, April 16, 2010

35 Weeks!

Today we had our NST/BPP/Growth scan/cervical check appointments at WHC. NST and BPP were fantastic! The boys were having a party in there. The growth scan was alright - they get more inaccurate as the boys grow, because they are so squished in there. However, they each only grew about half a pound - they should have grown a pound since last time. So while we're not TOO concerned, we certainly are a little concerned. Cervix was unchanged, which is wonderful.

So the game plan is now as follows - Mina will go in for her NST/BPP on Monday morning, and follow up with Dr. Downing afterwards. After that, she will probably be admitted to the hospital for the remainder of the pregnancy, and we will deliver the boys either on April 26th or 27th (unless they decide to come earlier).

It feels very good to finally have a game plan. We are praying the boys are willing to stick to this plan :) We will be sure to update everyone on Monday.

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  1. oh yeah, don't forget to let me know when the boys are born and you are up for pictures! (best in the first 10 days...but only if you are up to it!) we'll set something up!!

    i can't wait for them to be born and to see them! good luck, sweetie!!