Monday, April 12, 2010

Echo & OB Visit

Hello! Today we had Charlie's monthly echo as well as another OB visit for Mina. The echo went fantastic - Charlie's heart function continues to look good, and his foramen ovale is actually still open. Dr. Donofrio explained that she had been anticipating it to progress to closing, which is why she had wanted to deliver at Children's - but at this point, she feels comfortable delivering at Hospital Center. Great news! Dr. Donofrio stated that Dr. Downing was beginning to feel more comfortable with delivery next week, but she wants to hold off a little bit longer to allow the boys' lungs to mature a little more.

We then went over to Hospital Center, where Mina had her NST and BPP - once again, both babies are doing great. Heart rate tracing was reactive on both children, and they both got an 8/8 on their BPPs.

Lastly, we stopped by Dr. Downing's office just to check in with him. He seems to be comfortable with the idea of holding off on delivery and being put on hospital bedrest next week if need be. He then checked Mina's cervix, and unfortunately she is now 60% effaced and almost 2cm dilated. Not exactly the news we were looking for. We are going back on Friday, where she'll be checked again, and we'll have a better idea of the game plan then. Until then, Mina is off her feet and desperately trying to keep the boys cooking!

It's finally real now, though, that within the next two weeks, these two little boys will be making their debut. We are so excited to meet them, scared of what is to come, but hopeful that it will all turn out alright. Thanks again for the prayers, and we will update everyone again on Friday after the next appointment!

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  1. i'm so happy that you guys are doing so well, marina! don't worry so much about the cerical exam! i remember i was 90% effaced and 3-4cm dilated at 34 weeks. there's a lot of pressure in there :)