Monday, May 3, 2010

Chest Closure

Josh had to go back to work today, but Mina and her dad headed over to Children's in the morning to visit Charlie. Mina's wonderful friend, Jordan, came by shortly after they got there to meet Charlie and take care of Noah for the day. Just walking into his room was amazing! He has lost so much fluid, it's incredible. Yesterday's total was 320cc of output! By the time we left today at 6pm Charlie lost an additional 270cc! His face, chest and belly have compressed almost back to their size and shape at birth just one week ago. The little socks which were digging tightly into his ankles yesterday were loosely rolled around his ankles today. He is putting out 5cc of urine an hour, which is the low end of what they want to see him putting out. His dopamine is still lowered, and his epinephrine is still off.

All of the doctors and nurses were thrilled with this development. So much so that closure is set for tomorrow, late morning/early afternoon! Though we knew the moment was coming up, it makes it so real to have it so close. It warmed our hearts so much to hear the genuine excitement in the doctors and nurses voices about our brave son's progress. We will be sure to update everyone as soon as we can and as always thank you everyone for your prayers!

From the bottom of our hearts,
Mina and Josh


  1. Great news! Trusting everything will go smoothly with his chest closure. Thinking of you all xxx

  2. still praying; their new friend Nick likes to hear the stories as he is getting fed. I'm so glad Jordan could come out to visit.

  3. I am praying for you. Glad to hear things are going better for Charlie now.

  4. any time noah needs a snuggle buddy you can call on me!! **prayers for charlie**
    - Jordan