Monday, May 24, 2010

One day at a time...

The past few days have left us feeling like we are having mood swings. At moments, we are brought to laughter and smiles by sweet little Noah. At other moments, we are struck with sadness and grief at losing our sweet Charlie. There doesn't seem to be a middle ground. During these moments, it feels like it would be so easy to just allow the grief to overcome us, to let it swallow us whole. We can't, however. The sun continues to rise, and so will we. Noah needs us to be strong now. We will take our 25 days with Charlie and continue on our journey, holding it close to our hearts.

We have gotten our chance to say goodbye to Charlie. We know that many who follow the blog, as well as many who are a part of our daily lives want to know about a memorial service. We appreciate it so very much, however, we have chosen to keep it among family. Many people also would like to know how to help or contribute. After discussion, we have decided three ways that you can help:

First, there is an organization called Saving Little Hearts. They make care packages for families going in for CHD surgeries. We ask that if you choose to donate money somewhere, please sponsor a care package for families out there. Go to and click on 'You Can Help' then 'Sponsor a Care Package'. We never got a chance to need one for Charlie, but there are many kids out there who could use a little extra love during a difficult and scary time.

Second, look up your local Ronald McDonald House. Don't necessarily donate money - but find other ways to give to them. Make some packed lunches for the families, or cook a dinner for them. It was a blessing to come home after a hard day at the hospital and have a home cooked meal ready for us prepared by wonderful, caring people. If you don't have the time, donate some canned goods or easy to make food to stock up their kitchen - another blessing during our three weeks there.

Third, and last - please continue to share Charlie's story. It didn't end the way we had hoped. However, we wouldn't have changed a thing. We were thrown into the world of CHD kind of blindly - we thought it was an immediate death sentence for our boy. Even though he didn't make it, it wasn't the CHD that took his life. There is so much hope, and if just one single person can read this story and find hope and strength, this blog will have done its part.

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers, love, and support. We will continue the blog, as we still are the Baer Bunch - it may just take us a little time to get into it again.

Lots and lots of love,
Josh, Mina and Noah


  1. Josh, Mina and Noah-
    Thanks for letting us know what we can do! What a wonderful way to celebrate Charlie's life. All my best to you and your families. The prayers continue.

  2. My dear friends, you are loved and ever prayed for. I'm so grateful your family had that time together to celebrate Charlie's brave life. He will never be forgotten. My prayer for you is that in the days and months ahead, that the peace of God with surpasses all understanding would guard your hearts and minds in Christ (phil.4.7), that you would be free to express grief as it comes and that in time, your hearts would heal. I am so sorry that this has become your path, but I know with confidence that you will be able to make it through.
    With Much Love,

  3. Dear Ones,
    Know that you are in the prayers of many people you have never met but who send you all love and good wishes. Charlie did not have a long life, but he had a deep one, filled to overflowing with love from his parents, his brother, all his caregivers, and people who loved him from afar through your writings.
    As others have said, I am so sorry that this has become your path, but I share their confidence that you will make it through.