Monday, May 10, 2010

Slow and steady wins the race...

Milk coma + Garden State Soundtrack = Happy Noah

Charlie getting his tape changed around his breathing tube

Hello all! We haven't had much to report, hence the lack of update yesterday. Charlie is still regaining his movement very slowly. The doctors have explained that the paralytic he was on is excreted by the kidneys, and since he had some acute kidney failure in the beginning of his recovery, it is just taking that much longer to get it out of his system. He is slowly moving more though - we've gotten lots of finger squeezes, quiet gazing, and twitching of arms and legs. He is also beginning to breathe over the vent on his own - great signs! As of tonight, he will no longer be on total parenteral nutrition and will be only receiving breastmilk - hooray! He is also no longer on insulin or fentanyl. However, they would like for him to diurese a little more, so they are adding another diuretic. His kidneys are working well, but they just want to push the remaining fluid out. He is also going to begin the methadone tonight to help with his fentanyl withdrawal.

Noah is quite an opinionated and feisty little dude. He's going through a growth spurt, we think, so mommy has turned into his own little snack bar. We've also figured out he enjoys listening to music now that we have our iPod connected to some speakers at the Ronald McDonald House. So far, he seems to enjoy the Garden State and New Moon soundtracks. We're trying to keep it mellow for him!

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