Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Holding Steady


Charlie continues to recuperate from his emergency stomach surgery. His blood pressure and heart rate are stabilized. He is back on a higher dosages of Lasix to help his kidneys and Fentanyl for pain and to keep him sedated. Charlie can still move his mouth and eyes and wiggle his toes and fingers. Today the doctors found a pleural effusion on his left lung. They hope he will be able to get rid of the fluid through the Lasix. If they are unable to remove the fluid Charlie will need a new chest tube. Tomorrow, they will remove the packing from his abdomen and close it since the drain has shown no signs of active bleeding.

Aside from these new complications we have noticed that Charlie seems to do better with his family by his side, particularly since Noah was allowed on the CICU. It's almost like Charlie can feel his brother's presence. It really makes us that much happier that we are able to all be together again.

Lots of love,
Josh and Mina

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  1. What lovely pictures of your precious boys together. Thinking of you all so much - Charlie is a little warrior - just like our Charlie! It must be something about the name!! Keep hanging in there little man - we're rooting for you from across the pond. Big hugs to your mum and dad too. X